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WSCPA Membership Benefits

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  • WSCPA provides the following services and benefits with membership

  1. Access to the WSCPA Member’s Only Website including By-laws, Code of Ethics, WSCPA Membership list, Quarterly Newsletter.

  2. Crime Prevention Training through the Criminal Justice Training Commission.

  3. Bi-Annual Conferences on Advanced Crime Prevention Issues such as 40-hour Basic Crime Prevention Class, First Line Supervisors Class, Crime Prevention for Community Policing Officers, 16-hour Volunteer Training, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Crime Free Multi Housing, Workplace Violence, and more.

  4. Free Literature

  5. WSCPA Membership ID card

  6. Use of Video Library


The Association also Sponsors the following programs:

1. WSCPA Awards to recognize outstanding achievement in the crime prevention field

2.  Brion Schumann Scholarship to support college bound students


WSCPA Purpose:

The Purpose of the Washington State Crime Prevention Association (WSCPA) is to contribute to the reduction and control of criminal victimization in the State of Washington by:

  1. Encouraging the process of crime prevention education in public, private, and voluntary sectors.

  2. Providing support and guidance for crime prevention programs and activities.

  3. Enhancing the development and implementation of crime prevention programs.

  4. Focusing attention on local, regional, and state goals and issues relating to crime prevention.

  5. Informing elected officials, legislative bodies, and criminal justice personnel of current crime prevention trends and techniques necessary for reducing crime.


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